Brian Liu

Brian Liu was born and raised in Hong Kong until immigrating to Vancouver BC in 1993. He has been train in various art and design disciplines since he was young. Liu pursued further training in painting, printmaking and communication design at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Currently, he is working as a communication designer and painting professionally, focusing on acrylic and spray paint. Liu married Shannon Evans-Liu in 2010 and is living in Vancouver. His work in both art and design shows strong influence from street art, Chinese cultural artwork, and modern graphic design. Much of his paintings show strong elements of design structure and methodology. As his design work show clear influence from his painting practices. 



Behind every design is a person. Behind every person is the desire to be understood. Designers have the responsibility to speak on behalf of those who are often unheard and misunderstood.



Art Vs. Design

What's the difference between art and design?
Some say that art is created for the sake of beauty and discovery. It can be pure, free and true. Others would say that design is an art form. Some say it's controlled and has boundaries. It's created with purpose and intent. 

These two worlds are so incredibly intwined, the fabric of their existence can rarely be picked apart and set aside.
They co-exist in order to flourish. Together, they have evolved and have been essential to our survival. 

Art and design is what we need them to be. It is the truest reflections of who we are as people. When they deceive us, it shows our own deceitfulness. When they are honest and brave, it reflects our honesty and bravery. They give us ways to see our naked selves. 

It's in our nature to create. When we have children, we create a reflection of ourselves. And when they are shaped by us and our world, they become like us. Like children, art and design show us who we are, what we have become and give us a chance to be honest, to deceive, to love, to ignore, to change.